Tour Bus Rental


Traveling by Tour Bus

There are many reasons that a tour bus rental can be advantageous over driving a privately owned vehicle or utilizing other travel services such as airlines or car rentals. Often times there will be occasion where there may be multiple people going to the same destination. This may be for a band tour, family reunion, business convention or maybe a sporting event. Tour busses can accommodate a group as small as 6 people in a sleeper coach, and as many as 57 passengers in a charter bus.

tour bus rental

One of the first things that will need to be decided is what type of event the tour bus will be used for, how many passengers will be on board, and will there need to be sleeping space or just room to sit. Once these details have been worked out, it is easier to select what style of tour bus will be needed to complete the journey in the best possible fashion.


A school bus can seat 44 adults or 66 children. This type of tour bus is best used for short trips. It can of course be used for longer ventures but comfort can become an issue. Also, consider there are no restroom facilities on a school bus. On average the rental for this type of coach is $400 for a half day to $800 for the full day (considered to be 10 – 12 hours).


A mini-coach transports between 16 - 36 people comfortably. There are generally no restroom facilities on the mini but some are equipped. These busses are also best for shorter distances, and run about a hundred dollars higher than a school bus.


The deluxe coach has a bit more room, and can seat between 40 – 57 passengers. This tour bus rental is perfect for any traveling occasion. It is designed for distance traveling and equipped with a restroom. The deluxe coach is also accommodating for short travel distances. Deluxe coaches cost around $1300 for a full day use or $650 for half a day.


A party bus is useful for events with 12 - 32 attendees and is usually rented by the hour. This coach is perfect for wedding parties or special occasions. Often there is a 4 hour minimum rental time, so it is best to check with the agency to see if this is the best option.


The executive coach comfortably seats 28 and has the amenities of satellite internet, television, bathrooms and plenty of cargo space. This is an excellent choice for those going to a convention or sales conference. Executive and sleeper coaches rent on average at $1,000 to $3,000 per day. This may still be less expensive than the cost of air fare for all attending parties.


A sleeper coach is perfect for smaller groups that are going over a long distance. They are available with 6 bed or 12 bed options, and include televisions, showers, phones, satellite, and a music system. They are designed with style and comfort in mind and provide a perfect alternative to the costs of fuel, hotel rental, and other expenses included with travel. Additionally there is no worry of someone having to miss out while doing the driving. There will be an independent driver to complete the transport.


No matter the occasion or size of attendance, there is surely to be a tour bus rental option that would meet any needs that may be encountered.